Stainless Steel

Watch Stainless Steel Being Made From Scrap

Steel is a form of iron, with carbon added but this can rust easily in the air and moist conditions, if not protected. With the further addition of Chromium (minimum 10.5%), it becomes stainless steel. This was discovered through a happy accident. It was originally used for making cutlery but the range of uses has expanded greatly. The chromium that mixes with the steel forms a very thin layer of oxide on the surface of the steel which stops any further corrosion of the surface. Even if the material surface is cut or damaged, it can heal itself and it will remain corrosion resistant. The term “stainless” is now used to cover steel types and grades that are corrosion or oxidation resistant.

Stainless steel can be made stronger, more easily worked, or more resistant to cold by the addition of further elements, such as nickel and molybdenum.

Because stainless steel is so attractive to look at, has great resistance to corrosion and staining and is low maintenance, it is ideal for many applications. It is very versatile and easily worked. It can be rolled into sheets, for instance, or alternatively, made into plates, or bars. It can also be formed into wire and tubing for use in cookware, commercial kitchens, furniture, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances and also in construction projects. It is highly versatile. It is also used for industrial equipment, in tankers for chemicals and food products and also in chemical plants, paper mills, and water treatment and storage tanks for instance. Commercial kitchens and food preparation plants have been transformed by the use of stainless steel with its corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and sterilization and because there is no need for other surface coatings.

Stainless steel is attractive, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and is strong.

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